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African Students Association (ASA)

The African Students Association is a diverse group who seeks to unify students holding an interest in the representation of Africa through shared knowledge, gatherings, community service and events.

Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA)

The premier Greek letter organization established for African American College Women

American Medical Students Association (AMSA)

Rutgers University AMSA local chapter is an organization that helps pre-medical and pre-health students at all junctions of their journey to become medical and healthcare professionals.

Art Students League (ASL)

Art Students League unites artists and art enthusiasts to share and indulge in the art world through creative and lively experiences. You do not have to be an art major to join!

Asian Cultural Society (ACS)

The Asian Cultural Society (ACS) exists to form and develop a connection and unity between the many Asian cultures.

Association of Computer Machinery (ACM)

We strive to educate about and create technology and software, whether for fun or for education's sake. Whether tech-savvy or tech-impaired, everyone is welcome!

Athletics Department (Scarlet Raptors)

Rutgers-Camden is host to 19 NCAA Division III athletics teams including: baseball, softabll, basketball, volleyball, golf, cross country, indoor and outdoor track, rowiing, soccer, and tennis.

Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

About Beta Alpha Psi Founded in 1919, Beta Alpha Psi is a honor organization for financial information students and professionals.

Biology Club

The Biology Club strives for promoting growth, both academic as well as social, for students majoring in Biology as well as for those of which that are not Biology Majors, but still wish to further their knowledge in the field of Biology.

Black Students Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union allows students of all races to rejoice in African American culture, lifestyle, history, and activities. We turn no man down from our doors, no matter his race, culture, and/or heritage.

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